Injustice is irrational, and brutal.  What is irrational must be tyrannical and depraved.                                    

The Right of Revolution

The foundational principle of our national existence, of our American experiment is the right of revolution.                                                      

The American Constitution

America is founded not simply on the Constitution but on the right to change the Constitution by revolution.                                     

The Rebel

"The rebel is someone who is no longer free to choose even his own docile servitude.  He has been driven to the wall.  The rebel is someone who has accepted death.  In desperation and despair, driven to accept death, the rebel is the...

Predicting the Future

Regardless of how farsighted we are, human beings cannot predict the future because we cannot control the future.                            

Belief and Human Nature

Belief brings out nature, both in the individual and in society.  What we believe about human nature, about human character and human community is what will be brought out in our nature.                     

Republican Polity

The more there are of us who believe that a democratic and anarchist republic is both possible and preferable, the more of us there will be who will seek such a republic, who will prepare themselves for it.  The more democratic republicans ...

Democratic and Libertarian Republic

I believe that a democratic and libertarian republic is the most natural thing in the world and yet, being so rare, so unique, so scarce it is subject to a lot of disbelief.  Its possibility and its achievability will be aided by belief.  If...

Making Products, Making Profits

I believe that we should favor the working class which is dedicated to making products, not the wealthy class which is devoted to making profits.                                               

Occupy Wall Street

The conservative critics accuse the Occupy Wall Street protesters of demonizing Wall Street executives, and yet all the while these critics call the protesters an angry mob.  If it's wrong for the protesters to demonize Wall Street, how is it...


There's a lot of talk these days about investing in gold.  It is because people are buying gold that the price of gold keeps inflating.  It is fear that is causing people to buy gold at panic prices.  But, keep in mind, gold is not an income- ...

Understanding Socialism

If you want to better understand socialism, read what socialists write, and listen to what socialists say.  Anti-socialists have no interest in providing clarity concerning socialism.  


Conservatives like to make the point that the people running our government have never created jobs.  As if only job creators are qualified to run our government.  As if being a business proprietor is a qualification for political office. ...

Socialist Rhetoric

As a socialist, I am fully aware of the fact that the socialist record does not measure up to socialist rhetoric.                                                            


Conservatives want people to be self-reliant, as opposed to relying on the welfare state.  However, wage-workers are not self-reliant individuals, given the fact that the working class must rely on the wealthy class for the jobs they need...

Business Interests

The interests of small businesses are not identical with the interests of big businesses, but the small proprietors identify with the big proprietors, and this is why the small business owners believe that the Republican Party establishment...


If money represents work, then are we to conclude that those with a lot money are those who work a lot?  Conservatives want us to believe that the wealthy possess a lot of money because they have produced a lot of the wealth they own. ...


It is said that the market doesn't like uncertainty, but the market is always uncertain.            


Wealth flows to the proprietors, not to the producers.  This is the way of capitalism.  This does not have to be.  We decide.                         


Not every issue has two sides.  We no longer debate chattel slavery, or flat earth.                                             

The U.S. Dollar

"Cash is king, and the king of kings is the U.S. dollar." -- Anonymous                                          

Free Republic

A free republic must be free to re-invent itself if and when it is necessary.                                      

Free Trade Agreements

China's industrial base was built on America's free trade agreements.             

Taking and Giving

Conservatives say that socialism is all about taking from those who have, and giving to those who have not.  If that's socialism, then what is capitalism all about?  Taking from those who have not, and giving to those who have!   ...