Capitalism and Poverty

Capitalism's objective is not to abolish poverty.                         

The Wealthy

Sometimes I hear a wealthy person say:  "I am blessed."  They give God the credit, the glory, the praise for their wealth, for their unearned wealth, Maybe there are some things which God would never take credit for.  Perhaps there are some...


Sometimes, markets are driven up by emotion.  Sometimes, markets are driven down by emotion.  Trading on the market is an art; it is not a science.                                         

Competition Versus Cooperation

Capitalism is about one kind of freedom -- the freedom to compete. Socialism is about another freedom -- the freedom to coöperate.                                          


The state takes away freedom, society does not.  We can live without the state; we can't live without community.   Human community is necessary for the practice of moral freedom, but the state is not.  There must be human association and...

The Good

Sometimes, too much of a good thing is not good.                      

Past, Present, Future

Relative to the past, the present is heretical; relative to past and present, the future is heretical.                                                


I have heard ideological conservatives say that wealth is earned, that labor does not earn its income, that wealth earns wealth.  This is incorrect, and the classical economists knew this to be incorrect.  Wage income is what the classical...

Capitalism and Democracy

I believe that capitalism and democracy are antithetical, contradictory. A capitalist democracy is the kind of democracy the élites can control and profit from.  A capitalist democracy is a plutocracy pretending to be a democracy.    ...

Capitalism Versus Society

As a socialist, I believe that as long as capitalism exists, society does not yet really exist.  Socialism is about bringing real human society into being, just as communism is all about bringing authentic human community into being.   ...

Capitalism: Then and Now

Capitalism Then:  Industrial chiefs stealing value from shareholders. Capitalism Now:  Corporate executives stealing value from shareholders.                                                   


"The reason we have bankruptcy is finality." -- Anonymous    

Gold Standard

There are people advocating a return to a gold standard.  I believe that a gold standard would mean less money, which would mean less commerce, less trade.                                                            


Money's value depends on its being a limited resource, a scarce resource. In capitalism, scarcity of goods and services is preferable because it is more profitable.  There is an abundance of junk, but basic goods and services are kept at a...

Communism and Personal Belongings

When communists advocate the abolition of private property, they are not advocating the abolition of personal belongings, or personal possessions. Communists make a clear distinction between property and possessions, between private property...

Property and Freedom

If property and freedom are inseparable, then just how free are people who are without property?  As long as poverty continues to exist, how can we say that capitalism generates freedom for all people?    Those who are without enough...

Conservative Talking Points

The conservative talking point par excellence these days is to blame the high unemployment rate on government, and not on business.  It's all because of high taxes and excessive regulatory policies, because of policy uncertainties.  The...

Congress and the Federal Reserve

It needs to be remembered that Congress is in charge of fiscal policy, while the Fed is in charge of monetary policy.  I have been listening to radio and TV commentators who seem to not know about this division of powers.  The President...

Rightness, Justice, Fairness, Goodness

I believe that doing what is right, just and fair for all is doing what is good for the majority of the population.  The majority wants peace, which can only come about with justice and equity.   Iniquity is a sin that is mentioned a lot...

Science and Truth

What is science?  Science is the search for facts; it is not the search for truth.  There is truth in literary, poetic and artistic fiction, just as there is truth in scientific, empirical, observed facts.  There is truth in fairy tales and...

Big Profits Versus Productivity

Clearing big profits in the stock market is not a productive activity. Profiteering and productivity are distinctly different activities.                            

The State of Illinois

Have you heard this?  The state of Illinois cannot afford to bury its indigent dead.  The corpses are being left in mortuaries, leaving them to handle the costs of disposing of the bodies, through either mass burial, or cremation.     ...

Failed Presidency

What the Republican Party wants is for the Obama administration to be seen by the American people as a failed presidency.                                            

Rule of Law, Rule of Capital

When ideological conservatives talk about the rule of law, they're talking about the rule of capital.  In capitalism, capital rules, and the law serves capital, the law benefits capital.                                  

Celebrating Freedom

There is an outdoor music concert scheduled for labor day weekend in Marietta, Georgia, near Atlanta.  It's called Celebrate Freedom.  It is being organized and conducted by conservative groups.   I've been thinking about this notion of...