Military Draft

"The draft is white people sending black people to fight yellow people to protect the country they stole from red people." -- Hair           


"I'm as conservative as the Constitution, as liberal as Lincoln, and as progressive as Theodore Roosevelt." -- George Wilcken Romney (1907-1995, American businessman and politician)              

Representation Without Taxation

The super-wealthy are considerably well represented in the United States Congress.  There are legislators who believe that the super-wealthy pay too much taxes, even when they pay less of a percentage of their capital gains than wage- ...

Defining Republicanism

As a philosophical republican, what do I believe concerning republicanism?   First of all, it is very important that I state the difference between the philosophy and ideology of the Republican Party in the United States, and the philosophy...

Marxism Vs. Leninism

 "As far as socio-political beliefs are concerned, I consider myself a Marxist.  But not a Leninist." --  The 14th Dalai Lama               

Marxism and Ethics

"Of all the modern economic theories, the economic system of Marxism is founded on moral principles, while capitalism is concerned only with gain and profitability. Marxism is concerned with the distribution of...

Making An Honest Living

Money and markets do not care if you make an honest living, or a dishonest living.  Criminals make a living, and they ply and play the markets.  There is a market for prostitutes, illegal drugs, illegal weapons, and there's lots of money to...

Job Growth

Job growth is driven by consumer demand, not by corporate tax cuts. Since private corporations need public works, public utilities, public goods, and public services, then private corporations ought to pay at least the same rate as private...

Liberal Media Bias

If the Tea Party activists are so frustrated and angry because of the liberal media bias, then just imagine how disappointed and vexed the libertarian socialist democrats are with the liberal media bias, especially when the radical right...


Markets do not tend to differentiate; they tend to exaggerate.