Wealthy and Smart

It is often said, especially by ideological conservatives, that the wealthy are very prosperous because they are smarter than the rest of us, and for this reason the wealthy ought to govern, manage, and dominate the rest of us. There are...

Defining Leftism

There are two major schools of leftist thought.  Leftism is a diverse political movement, with different factions.  Leftism can be characterized as being two principal movements.  There is the capitalist left, or the liberal left, who seek to ...

Philosophical Republicanism

Being a philosophical republican is not the same as being a party republican, or a partisan republican.  I am not an adherent, or supporter of the American Republican Party.  I am not a member of any political party.  I believe in the...

The True Republic

A true republic must be blessed with an abundance of public assets and public resources.                                                    

Economics and Ethics

Economic issues and problems are also moral issues and problems.                        

Economy and Ecology

Economy without ecology is a destructive and unhealthy economy.                    

The Wealth of Nations

The true wealth of a nation consists not in its monetary riches; but rather, it is comprised of its educated and productive citizens.                            

Who Creates Jobs?

Businesses do not create jobs; consumers create jobs.               

Free Lunch

Whatever is perchased with unearned income is free; whatever is purchased with earned income is not free.  Whatever is purchased with earned income is purchased with one's own labor.