Of Human Rights

"Socialist views on human rights are relative to the stage of historical development which applies." --Tom Campbell, The Left and Rights: A Conceptual Analysis of the Idea of Socialist Rights, 1983  

Of Being Human

To be truly a human being, one cannot simply accept without protest his condition.

Of Science

"The scientific view of reality is conditioned by the scientific method." -- Huston Smith, Condemned to Meaning, 1965  

Of Life's Meaning

"Assertions concerning life's meaning cannot be verified, cannot be demonstrated to be either true or false." -- Huston Smith, Condemned to Meaning, 1965  

Of Thoughts and Life

"Thoughts have consequences.  What a man thinks and believes can affect his life." -- Huston Smith, Condemned to Meaning, 1965  

Of Life's Meaning

"We seek a nation where the meaning of man's life can match the marvels of his labors." -- Lyndon B. Johnson

Of Meaning

"Truly, man is condemned to meaning.  Without it he begins in joy and hope and ends in the shroud of doubt and defeat." -- Huston Smith, Condemned to Meaning, 1965  

Of Analytic Philosophy

“The methodological principles of analytic philosophy are precise statement, rigorous argument, careful scrutiny of detailed examples, and suspicion of premature generalizations and oversimplifications.” -- Huston Smith, Condemned to Meaning, 1965...

Of Meaning

“Man is condemned to meaning.”  —Arthur G. Wirth      

Of Knowledge

"There are things we know without knowing that we know them." -- Huston Smith, Condemned to Meaning, 1965  

Of Meaning

“It is inevitable, in  today’s world, that new concerns arise.  Our art, drama, and literature, not to mention the experience of the therapists, bear massive evidence of the feeling of disarray.  The picture of a globe overcrowded with men equipped...

Of Pre-Social Rights

“It is the very notion of ‘innate’ or pre-social rights possessed by all individuals in all societies, which are ‘inalienable’, ‘imprescriptible’, or ‘absolute, that has drawn the heaviest fire from socialist philosophers in their general criticism of...

Of Health and Welfare Policies

"Health and welfare policies protect the population from uncertainty and risk." --Fred L. Block and Margaret R. Somers, The Power of Market Fundamentalism: Karl Polanyi’s Critique, 2014  

Of the Impact of Legislative Changes in 1996

  “The legislative changes in 1996 that significantly reduced income transfers to poor families, despite ever-rising numbers of children growing up in poverty, contributed to both the social disaster of Hurricane Katrina as well as the...

Of Populism

"Because populist leaders claim to embody the uniform will of a mythical 'people,' they consider democracy to be a means to power, rather than a desirable end in itself." --Brigitte Granville, Economist

Of Trump's Administration

"In the US, Trump’s presidential campaign was described as an anti-elite movement; and yet his administration is already practically a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs." --Brigitte Granville, Economist

Of Voluntary Servitude

"While 'voluntary servitude' is no doubt a suggestive oxymoron, its flaws -- those owing to the very fact that it is an oxymoron --come to light as soon as it passes from poetry into theory." --Frédéric Lordon, Willing Slaves of Capital: Spinoza...

Of Businesses

"We are taught that businesses have souls, which is surely the most terrifying news in the world." --Gilles Deleuze

Of Conservative Ideology

“Not surprisingly, economic losses have generated calls for renewed forms of social insurance to protect people from forces that are beyond their immediate control.  In response, conservative ideology has reasserted the perversity narrative of how...

Of Disappearing Jobs

  “In this brave new world in which manufacturing plants can close, long established businesses can liquidate, and occupations and livelihoods can disappear overnight, the idea that the individual can determine his or her own fate with enough...

Of Moral Dogma and Laissez-faire

“Decades ago, the political theorist Sheldon Wolin highlighted the contradictions in the ideological fusion between traditional moral dogma and laissez-faire political economy.”  --Fred L. Block and Margaret R. Somers, The Power of Market...

Of Populist Conservatism

“Populist conservatism has consistently deployed a strongly nationalist rhetoric and exhibited a deep distrust of other nations, international institutions, and foreign commitments as threats to the sovereignty of the United States.” --Fred L....

Of the Compatibility of Socialism and Rights

 “The compatibility of socialism and rights can be approached either as a factual and empirical matter, requiring study of the actual practices of socialist societies (assuming that there are some at least partially socialist societies in existence),...

Of Socialist Rights

  “If the ideals of socialism can be expressed in terms of individual rights, then, however different socialist rights may be from those most highly prized by the classical liberals, there is at least a continuity and similarity of thought forms...