Do CEOs Make Better Presidents?

You do not run a nation in the same way that you run a business.  Making payroll does not qualify a corporate CEO for the office of President of the United States.                                                                    ...


When I advocate limited government, I'm advocating more self-government. In a competitive capitalist society, the political state is made necessary because society is split up by rivalry, by antagonism, by litigation, etc.  There can be no ...

Political Ideology and Markets

Is it possible that today's faltering markets reflect the political ideology of investors and employers?                                              

Ronald Reagan

"President Ronald Reagan was the first Tea Party President." -- Anonymous                                        

Democratic Socialism

There is no doing democratic socialism "by the book".  There is no Bible, no rule book, no manual for doing democratic socialism.                                                                            


You decrease the exchange value of a currency by increasing the supply of a currency.  You increase the exchange value of a commodity by decreasing the supply of a commodity.                                                         ...

Tea Party Republicans

The Tea Party favorite is not the favorite candidate of moderate Republicans, who are the majority of Republicans.  The Tea Party Republicans may be inadvertently giving Barack Obama another term as President.  Let's hope that the...

War Production

If you shut down consumer production, or if you reduce consumer production, in order to produce war materials, then you create a relative scarcity of consumer goods, which makes the price of consumer goods higher.  War production is costly...

Social Security

"Social Security is not a government charity.  Citizens pay into Social Security." -- Anonymous                                               

Capitalism and Dependency

Capitalism creates and reinforces dependency, the dependency of labor on capital, the dependency of all on money and on markets.  Labor is forced to depend upon capital for employment.  Labor is forced to rely upon capital for an income,...


"We live in a world in which guarantees are in short supply." -- Anonymous                  


"Community starts with connection." -- Anonymous                                                                                        

Make Love

"Make Love, Not Money."                                                                     


"Crises make their initial appearance quietly." -- Anonymous                                             


"What if we had a video recording of a miracle event?" -- Anonymous                                              

Know Thyself

"We learn about ourselves from other people." -- Anonymous                                   


"Community is people connecting with people." -- Anonymous                                                       

Political Philosophy

What does it mean to have a decidedly modern approach to political issues? Or, what does it mean to consistently maintain a scientific attitude, or positivistic posture when dealing with the substantive questions of political philosophy? For...

Organization and Commitment

Every organization needs cooperation, just as every association needs organization.  And every organization needs both the dedication and the commitment of its voluntary members, its volitional adherents, its free and resolved constituents....

Some Work, Some Sit It Out

When there is work to be done, important work, difficult work to be performed, some of us choose to sit it out, most of us prefer to wait for others to do the hard work, expecting that we will reap the benefits and enjoy the blessings of the ...

The Future

My beliefs about the future depend largely on what other people believe about what's going to happen in the future.  If most people do not believe what I believe about human possibilities, then what I believe about human possibilities will...


There is no such thing as institutional conscience.  There is individual conscience, but there is no corporate conscience.  Conscience belongs only to the individual.   When it comes to the use of contraceptive methods, the Christian...

Authoritarian Governments

History teaches that authoritarian governments are not stable governments. They are not durable, not settled.  Human beings can endure tyranny and oppression for only so long.  Eventually the people will want and demand both dignity and...

From Each . . . To Each

"From each according to ability; to each according to need."   This socialist proposition is a rule of conduct; an ethical rule for citizens living in a socialist commonwealth.  The first clause indicates that there would be rules of...